Do not isolate new project opportunities.

web design services have become too common in search queries
work better and separate yourself by proving your services are relevant

The Virtuemart Plugin website is NOT a directory. We are not interested in just creating a link to your website. We provide an in-depth review and analysis of all types of Virtuemart Plugins AND the developers who create the Virtuemart Extensions for Joomla’s popular shopping cart component. This is a huge benefit for you as a website designer; we bring RELEVANT people to our site and provide a practical research tool. Search habits have changed; people do not want to invest hours to get to a final answer. Make yourself available, we will study and review your company, your Virtuemart based projects and make your relevant to new clients.

How can “Virtuemart Plugins” BENEFIT your design company?

We do all of the analysis, and write ALL of the original content to be marketed on our website for you! Meaning, you do not need to invest any of your time reinventing what you do and why a potential client would benefit from your services. We review your services and write the original content because we want YOU to be relevant and for your detailed marketing content to be without superlatives. We also take projects you have done, personal or for clients, and use them as a tool to reinforce your professional skills and services. All of this is done intentionally so your presence can be better indexed with search engines.

We establish your relevancy

Everything on the Virtuemart Plugins website has something to do with the Virtuemart component for Joomla. When a prospect researches “Get Web Designer Help”, this is exactly what they are expecting. They are expecting to be able to contact your company knowing you have direct experience in creating ecommerce websites using Virtuemart. The listing we create for you is very through and constructed smartly for quick, easy and relevant decision criteria.

Leverage client projects beyond a back link

Experience always carries the greatest influence. It makes sense to leverage what you have done on prior projects in gaining new job opportunities and clients. We can use your Virtuemart projects as a basis of promoting and marketing your skills to prospective clients. Not only does this add multiple influencing layers that clients are going to use in their decision to work with you; but it also provides deep exposure through virtual search engine marketing as we formulate the original content sort after by search engine algorithms.

We are RELEVANT to the services you provide

If you have been in the website design industry for a while you may have realized clients and projects come to you through multiple sources. Unfortunately, there is not one isolated marketing tool to generate new clients and repeated business. There is however, smarter and more direct methods to generate business based on relevancy. The web designer marketing tool of the “Virtuemart Plugin” website is not a job board, or freelance based service. When clients decide to contact you, you keep 100% of your fee.

Work on part of a website

CMS platforms, such as Joomla, have opened the opportunity for the slightly tech savvy person to design their own website. Creating something great, useful and that actually works without bugs always require editing some aspect of CSS or PHP code somewhere. For the majority of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ it is more than what they had bargained for. We market your interest in helping these types of prospects to contact you directly to help finish their website completely or in-part.

Complete an entire project

The internet is an instantaneous research tool, complete with millions of completely unrelated search query results. Although freelance based site are popular, you can never really completely trust the reviews or lack of feedback presented as a decision on using or not using a website design company. In our experience, many clients have some kind of passing knowledge of CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.) but lack the technical ability. They want a centralized research tool; we provide this but with meaningful information to guide them to choose you to complete their entire website project.

You keep 100%

We are NOT a job board. You keep 100% of the fee you negotiate with clients. It is that simple!

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Email Marketing Campaigns Included

We continuously search for website owners who use Virtuemart and Joomla; and periodically send email marketing campaigns promoting the usefulness of the “Virtuemart Plugin” website. Specifically, to find plugins for their current website AND to promote web design studios who can help improve their existing online presence. Emails are sent once a month and are part of what we do to help boost your awareness.

This is included in your $5 per month membership.

Individual email campaigns, just promoting your web design services, can be sent at an additional advertising fee. 

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