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Extending the Virtuemart Ecommerce Shopping Cart core capabilities

white line blurAn in-depth collection of reviewed and analyzed Virtuemart software add-ons; to extend a very popular, and widely used ecommerce shopping cart solution for Joomla CMS.


What is a Virtuemart Plugin or Extension?

what is a virtuemart extensionA plugin is really any additional feature you install into your core software program to make it behave differently. A plugin is a generic tech word; other platforms and application may use words such as “add-on” or “extension”.
Not all plugins are designed to do something radical, such as; altering the entire layout of your product listings by installing Virtuemart Themes, or using specially designed Joomla templates geared to integrate with Virtuemart. Many plugins offer practical solutions to take what you are already doing quite comfortably; uploading images into a listing, using custom fields to finalize the buying process, checking out and placing an order. Because the core Virtuemart ecommerce structure is free and widely used across millions of websites, there are thousands of developers who have developed plugins/ extensions/ add-ons to offer a better online buying experience and help take what you are already doing and make it better, easier and faster for you, your clients, and the public buyer who never notice the awesome coding on the website they are visiting.

The vast array of Virtuemart Plugins makes everything you are doing for your ecommerce website shopping cart much, much better!
Example: Virtuemart allows you to upload images into the listing, naturally. However, you can get a plugin to upload UNLIMITED images all at the same time,
instead of upload one image at a time. A great and inexpensive plugin to save you hours of work.
virtuemart calendar date custom fieldPlugin Type: Custom Field
This adds an advanced date picker custom field into a Virtuemart product listings. It is designed to allow buyers to select a date from a calendar in a product listing. The extreme version comes with over 30 styling, date blocking, automatic emailing criteria, and many other options.
Cost: $10 - $60
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virtuemart upload multiple imagesPlugin Type: Images
It is designed and marketed as an efficiency tool for uploading images into a Virtuemart listing. Instead of uploading one image at a time, you can now upload multiple images into a listing. It really does save a lot of time!
Cost: $15
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virtuemart required custom fieldPlugin Type: Custom Field
This adds the ability for you to mark individual custom Virtuemart fields as being required before the buyer can add the product to the shopping cart. It forces the buyer to select product attributes or enter information. It is very useful if you want to receive orders with all of the applicable product fields selected.
Cost: $10
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virtuemart file attachment
Plugin Type: Custom Field
Admin users can attach a downloadable file to a Virtuemart Listing and allow it to work as a custom field. With 6 different display option the most powerful option is the ability to Restrict User Access, opening a range of possibilities for several types of business operations.
Cost: $20
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