Niche marketing is the answer!

The global internet offers too much information for potential clients to even consider.
You are being neglected in a universe of search results and data.

The Virtuemart Plugin website is NOT about simply listing your commercial Virtuemart extensions, theme, templates or your vast array of add-ons. We are here to be a strong research tool for Joomla users and Website Designers building an ecommerce site with Virtuemart, and realizing they need to solve a problem within Virtuemart by using a “plugin/ extension/ add-on”. We help your development services, commercial products by creating a central resource and backing it up with ORIGINAL meaningful content.

How can You and your Commercial Products BENEFIT?

We write ALL of the original content, meaning you do not have to spend any time away from your current business activities, development upgrade and trying to reinvent your marketing content so your presence can be indexed with search engines.

Playing and experimenting with your functions

After you sign up, send your plugins to us and we will install it on our personal analysis website. We actually use the product to learn more about it than what is mentioned on your own website. The first step in learning about your plugin is to actually use it. We do not distribute or make your plugins available to anyone, and will not use your plugins on any commercial based website!

An in-depth reviewed than makes sense to everyone!

Many users discovering Joomla for the first time simply do not know enough about topics you regard as common Joomla sense. We offer a lot of meaningful and searchable information in a way that even Joomla and Virtuemart newbies will understand. The intention for the in-depth review and analysis of your plugins is for it to be recognized in virtual, search engine indexing; as well as for prospective clients to use our collective website as a research tool and finally make a purchase directly with your company.

We are FLEXIBLE to what you offer

We understand, your development services may have grown to offer commercial Virtuemart products, custom development and even professional website design services. We cross market, review and analyze all aspects that are Virtuemart based.  

Commercial Products

The  link is our collective, searchable review of your commercial products. We will only promote and review your specific Virtuemart functions.
“Virtuemart Extensions”

Custom Development

If you are open to providing custom Virtuemart development or being hired to assist in editing some aspect of Virtuemart We will promote and review your company and services in the “Find Developers” link. Custom Developers and even companies only interested in promoting their commercial products will be promoted in the “Find Developers” link for greater exposure.

Web Design Service

Many of the Developers we come into contact with include an aspect of website design service. You can use “Virtuemart Plugins” to promote your professional website services. The qualification for review is that you have to have designed at least one website that used Virtuemart as an ecommerce shopping cart. The website designer aspect of our site is used for anyone looking to hire and pay a website designer to either complete an entire website or help in finishing part of an existing website.
email marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns Included

We have a growing database of Website Designers who receive our email marketing campaigns promoting the usefulness of the “Virtuemart Plugin” website. We also source independent websites and send campaigns encouraging owners to visit our website; specifically, to find plugins for their current website. Emails are sent once a month and are part of what we do to help boost your awareness.

This is included in your $5 per month membership.

Individual email campaigns, just promoting your company and plugins, can be sent at an additional advertising fee. 

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